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Assessment Sessions

To assess the needs of the individual or family

Assessments are designed to ascertain any specific needs of an individual or the family and to find the best possible way to move forward for those concerned.

Together we would look at the present difficulties and how these difficulties affect the lives of the individual or family.

By Appointment:
£150 per session.

ADD Coaching Session

Individual coaching for adults with ADD

These uniquely tailored coaching sessions will cover all aspects of living with ADD, learning to understand the integrated parts of ADD and why we do the things we do, overcoming the barriers that ADD puts before you and moving on with your life. Sessions will be booked by appointment on a one-to-one basis

Home visits available with in the Greater Manchester area, Locations outside of this area will incur additional traveling expenses.

By Appointment:
£140 per hour.
Travelling expenses will be added outside of the Manchester area.

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Telephone / Skype / Email Coaching

Ideal for long distance learning!

Telephone coaching is nothing new, sessions have be conducted by ourselves and other organisations for some time for various benefits. This form of coaching can be ideal individuals that either live too far to travel conveniently or have a busy calendar.

Your location does not have to be a barrier to working with a coach.

Telephone or Email coaching begins with an initial assessment to clarify your hopes and dreams and bring focus to your journey of self discovery.

After each session you will be sent a detailed report on the issues discussed and a breakdown of goals and tasks to be implemented over the coming week.

You will be working alongside your coach, discussing and setting goals and celebrating your achievements.

By Appointment:
Skype : £95 per 1 hour session
Telephone : £85 per 1 hour session

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Family Coaching Sessions

Implementing ADHD management techniques

ADHD & Children with challenging behaviours need specific management techniques in order to overcome their specific behaviours. We will help you as a family deal with these unwanted behaviours, help your family move forward and start to make the changes that are needed in order to successfully overcome and deal with ADHD & Challenging behaviour.

The Coaching session will cover all the Management techniques needed and will include

  • Using specific Language that will Produce positive outcomes
  • Learning how a child with ADHD thinks and see's the world around them
  • Day-to-day Management techniques for all the family
  • Stress and the frustration of living with ADHD

Why live with unwanted behaviours when you can start to change them?

By Appointment:
£180 per 1 hour session
Block of 8 sessions: Price available on request
Travelling expenses will be added outside of the Manchester area.

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