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Recollections from a grandparent

I found it hard myself to try and understand the meaning of ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER. As it seemed to me, it was just like looking at a naughty child and that child needed punishment and a firm hand, But what I have seen and come to understand is that there is more to, ADHD then people realize these children need lots of help and understanding.

From: Anonymous

A mothers recollection

What is wrong with me? Why cant I cope with this child? my child? It must be me, am I doing something wrong! Not another day, Please God not again! He must be a bad one! They all say, bad boy, naughty boy. Cant you control him? BUT WAIT, what is this I hear..."ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER", you mean it is not me and there is help... "WHERE?"... I need to know more. After years of being in the dark we can now see some light at the end of the tunnel, but it has been very hard work. If only we could have had help sooner.

My son was 8 years old when he was diagnosed with ADHD with support medication and most importantly - management strategies, life is getting better, But why?, why did my son and family have to go through 7 years of hell?

From: Anonymous

Message of hope

I'm 25 now and I have to say life is a lot better now than before I knew what was wrong with me. I was kicked out of 4 schools when I was young, i blew through 40 jobs and had time in between to go on and off all types of drugs. I wanted to tell anyone out there reading this that THERE IS HOPE. We all have been blessed with a gift, not a curse. We are not the slackers, we are in fact the advanced. Good luck to all that share my gift and don't be afraid to use that creativity in all that you do. ;)

From: Robert Miller

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