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My sons life with ADHD

"M" was diagnosed in 1994 with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when he was 8 years old, he was very hyperactive when he was younger, some of the behaviors that he displayed were. An inability to sit still for any length of time, You could not get eye contact with him, He would flit from one activity to another, Would hug and fling his arms around a stranger, Would talk excessively.

These are just a few of the behaviors that he displayed, at that time we did not know how to deal with this problem. I set out to learn about ADHD and suddenly realised that they was not much information about the disorder or how to deal with it. A diagnosis means nothing if a parent dose not know how to deal or manage the disorder.

Most of the management techniques I used with "M" are based on specific routines and structures. Using very clear defined boundaries of behaviour. These techniques have been the most effective way I have found of dealing with his disorder. It is a mixture of parenting techniques that I have learnt over the many years of dealing with this condition. It has been 8 years now since M was diagnosed; he is now a different person. He has worked very hard to get where he is now. M is also attending a very good school that worked with us they value each and every pupil.

We had looked at S.E.N. Schools after all attempts at mainstream school education had failed. I must say that Education Authorities in many cases fail children with A.D.H.D, through lack of resources and knowledge of how to support for the child and their families.

Teachers don't always recognize the problems that children with A.D.H.D face in the classroom and in school in general. There is much more work to be done if we are to see children with A.D.H.D succeeds in a mainstream school. With all the help M has had he is now a person that conducts himself with confidence, self-assurance and ability to work with his ADHD.

From: Anonymous

Living with ADHD

Firstly, we never have a dull moment! They are always 'jolly' in the mornings! This is such a great way to wake up to, because breakfast is always full of fun, especially to me who is really much more of a serious, ordered, perfectionist. These two wonderful boys in my life are really exceptional. They teach me to be happy, to laugh at silly things. They teach me that life can and should be fun ALL THE TIME! They teach me how to stay 'young' at heart.

They are both on medication and this has not only improved my son's school work, but has also helped my husband with communication skills and frustration. I love these two bundles of Energy so much! I think it would have been better if the whole world had ADHD rather than living with a bunch of boring, sour, serious people like the person I use to be, before they came and brightened up my life! Now that I've come to know their unique characteristics, it has really become more interesting to me than it being a stumbling block.

From: Anonymous

How having ADHD affects me

I Am a 13 year old female being diagnosed with ADHD nearly 2years ago it was hard at first and strange. Having to take tablets then it went to a couple of tablets a day I was upset and didn't understand why I was getting excluded from school. My parents were fighting for a S.E.N statement and a school which could help me, I wanted to succeed and have lead to a normal happy life. It took over 2 years just to get this, the system failed me and I was loosing my education having to fight for my own education was not fair I had to write a letter to the panel. I get wound up really easy, and I loose my temper and in my class a lot of the children wind me up so much I will flip and loose my temper. But now I have a placement in a school, and I start in September, I want everything to be ok at home and my parents to stop being stressed, mainstream school is so hard for me, when I get treated differently and they take it out on me. If anyone is going through this I'm totally give the best out for it its hard living with adhd. There should be more help for the children, and to let them lead to a normal life.

From: Chanin

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