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I work for a charity who provide work support for people with Aspergers Syndrome and a person from my case load was having difficulty at their work place.

We contacted Access to Work and they refered us to Christine.

Christine then came down to meet "J" to assess whether she could work with "J".

From the onset - Christine quickly summed up "J"'s problems and I could tell that this was going to be a good thing for "J".

"J" had a total of ten sessions and from session six we had discovered how to tackle the problems and from then on we were learning the coping formulas that Christine had talked about.

Christine had a lot of time and respect for "J" and at the same time was straight with "J" .

Christine also offered her phone number for "J" to ring when issues arrived even out of sessions, which I though was a great commitment and showed a genuine interest in "J"

Christine also spent time with "J" and never at one point did "J" felt rushed or hurried - she had the time to listen.

My client now has successfuly gained a full time, paid job at this work place. "J" still has issues that still arise here and there, but I feel "J" has now armed with the knowledge and skills which Christine has taught "J" to get through them.

Many thanks for your time in listening Chrisitine, it has made a difference to "J"'s life

Alison Hodkinson

Chris and I met at a time, when I was desperate for some one to help,and understand me. No one else was able to that, not even Adhd support groups or NHS professionals. I either lived in the wrong area or they may as well of thought I was an alien. Many still thought I had been misdiagnosed.

I thought getting diagnosed would solve on my problems little did I know it was only the beginning.
After trying to committee suicide a number of times, through desperation I went on the net and found Chris. I couldn't believe how she was on the phone, she understood. I must have sounded nuts, I think at the time I probably was hysterical and angry at the same time.

We met and got on and she understood, things made sense for the first time in my life, when she told me that one day I will be able to make my own choices and decisions and will be calm in a crisis, I said me, no way, really.

Two years later and she was right. When I look back I must say this lady saved my life. I certainly wouldn't be here other wise. I look back into the past and the Stephanie I saw then is not the one I look at in the mirror today.

The skills Chris has been able to help me with are:-

Stop, listen, take time out and make the decision later.

Put me frst and its ok not to be running around helping others.

Think of the conscientious of my actions and what I say.

I am a lot more relaxed, less stress, don't worry so much.
I only wish I had been diagnosed at school and had Chris's support and my life would have been so different.

Thank you Chris for all your help, understanding and most of all patience.

Steph []

RE: Reference

I work for Extended Services in Bolton. One of the areas I work with covers the Horwich/Blackrod area. At one of the partnership meetings, the Deputy Head from Lever Park EBD School spoke around the training their staff had received from ADDsuccess. She recommended the training to the group and it was decided that funding would be allocated for other members of the partnership to attend the training.

I then contacted Mrs McLanachan to arrange the training. She was very responsive and flexible to what the partnership needed. We stayed in contact during the sessions and Mrs McLanachan gave me regular updates from the training sessions.

Case Study
ECM Partnership 7 (Horwich/Blackrod)

• Attendees included:
SENCOs/INCOs, Class Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Family Workers

• Sessions:
Ran for 6 weeks (7 sessions). Had a celebratory lunch and presentation at the last session (extended session)

Session 1:
Symptoms of ADHD, homelife and struggles

Session 2:
Using core language, benefits for schools and challenging way of giving instructions

Session 3:
Becoming a good listener, dealing with stress and how children can be attention seekers

Session 4:
Rules, routines and anger management (children and adults)

Session 5: Discipline, punishment and positive outcomes

Session 6 and 7: (session 6 and session 7 – lunch/presentation)
Session 6 – Problem solving, praise and respect
Session 7 – Celebration, evaluation, open discussion
Lunch and presentation of certificates

Evaluation (from questionnaires, 8 completed)

1. Was information clear and precise?
Excellent 111111 = 6
Good 11 = 2

2.What did you think of the trainer’s teaching techniques?
Excellent 1111 = 4
Good 1111 = 4

3. Did you feel the sessions were run professionally?
Excellent 111111 = 6
Good 11 = 2

4. Do you feel that the training covered the appropriate topics for dealing with ADHD/challenging behaviour?
Excellent 11111 = 5
Good 111 = 3

5. Would you recommend this training programme to other teacher or
educational professionals?
Yes 11111111 = 8

Additional comments?
-Thoroughly enjoyed the course
-Met some lovely people
-Learnt so many more strategies for life in work and at home
-Just enough people to make it comfortable
-Trainers both fantastic, made us feel very welcome
-Very informative and full of useful advice
-Trainers were great
-Thoroughly enjoyed the last few weeks
-Taken so much from the training
-Would be great for Children’s Centre staff (but would just need ‘tweaking’, i.e. classroom rules)
-Really good course
-Found the training reassuring
-Found the training refreshing
-It has made me think about what else I can do to facilitate the learning of ADHD children
-I know I will find the site very helpful in the future

Thank you

Victoria Pukiello Development Of Extended Services

My parents and I found Chris via her website in April 2009. By this time, I was in a complete mess and rapidly losing hope. I had known there was something ‘wrong’ for years and was initially diagnosed with depression which led to various forms of unsuccessful treatment.

Suddenly I was talking to someone who understood where I was coming from.
Chris’ approach – friendly, approachable yet firm - is very effective and she is incredibly generous with her time, allowing you to ring her whenever you need.

Coaching is not easy, it is a 2-way street, but I cannot believe the impact it has had on my life. I never believed I could feel so calm, in control, happy, sociable and interested in what is going on around me.

Thank you, Chris.

Liz, aged 32, Cornwall

Tuesday 10th August 10, 2010

I am happy to provide this short reference for Chris Mclanachan, who has been working with me as my ADHD and life skills coach since October 2008.
I first came into contact with Chris after a period of searching for an appropriate coach to help me with difficulties related to my (then undiagnosed) ADHD and problems I was having with organising my life in general.
Chris undertook an initial telephone assessment, where she started to get a picture of the kinds of difficulties I was experiencing and how she could help. Since then she has helped me to overcome some of my big challenges with procrastination, disorganization, forgetfulness, poor time management and has helped me to be able to sequence and complete tasks. She has helped me to work to set structures which help to bring the best out in me. She has also helped me to develop plans of action in order to complete what would otherwise have been overwhelming tasks. She has also helped me to remain balanced and calm during stressful personal circumstances. She has also provided me with phone support to help foster confidence, balance and action.
Chris has worked with me collaboratively in supporting me to achieve my goals, and she has been an immense support for me. She has an excellent understanding of ADHD and the kinds of challenges that living with this condition presents, and this has been invaluable in our working relationship. Moreover, Chris has a thoroughly pleasant demeanour and flexible approach to her work.
Overall, it is my pleasure to recommend Chris as an ADHD and life skills coach in the highest terms. You can feel free to contact by email if you have any further questions in this regard.

Anonymous - London

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