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This is how Coaching has changed my life!

I was so disorganised that i would forget every thing from appointments to my girlfriends and families Birthdays. Disorganisation and procrastination where the biggest problems i had, it affected my work, family and social life, to the point of isolating myself from the ones i loved. Since i have started coaching i have turned my life around in more ways then one. I have learnt through coaching that i can do the everyday things that people take for granted. I now have the routines and structures in place that act as a framework ,so i can plan the day ahead. I still have some way to go and a lot more to learn But Life is getting better and i know i will continue to improve. Thanks so much Chris for being there and supporting me

Ben - Manchester

I learnt and gained a valuable insight into setting agendas and preparing materials for workshops. I also learnt about individual learning styles which may affect the capacity to absorb information effectively. Many many thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

Wendy - Essex

I cannot find the words to explain how much i enjoyed this course. It was professionally delivered and as a parent of children with ADHD it has changed our lives. Chris is truly an inspirational person and quite clearly experienced. I would recommend the course with Christine's tuition it will surely be successful. Thank you Chris!

Gloria - Essex

I first met Chris on Wednesday 28th September 2005 when she came to my house to start coaching sessions. I contacted Chris as I have had difficulties for several years in various areas of my life, and despite several attempts to receive help on the NHS I was constantly told I didnt have a problem. But having had an initial interview with Chris she could see that I would benefit from coaching. I picked Chris because she specialises in helping people with ADHD. When I first contacted Chris I wanted help being organised in all areas of my life. I also wanted to become more independent. We have worked on putting together a daily planner (which I am starting to follow) which involves me getting up and going to bed a set times and also me doing my own chores e.g. cooking and washing dishes and doing my own laundry. We have also worked on project planners to help me plan my college work. Ive learned that if I follow a routine it makes life easier and I can control my diabetes easier. Ive also learned why people with ADHD have problems remembering things and that I need to plan to do things and write them down or they wont get done. I enjoy working with Chris I find her friendly and approachable but firm. She has said from the start that if I wasn't prepared to put the work in the coaching wasn't going to work. Chris also told me that it was going to be hard work and there would be times when I would want to give up. Chris told me that I could phone her for help and support at any time if I needed it. She has also agreed to give my mum tips on how to help me. I feel comfortable with Chris and like the fact she comes to the house. I feel she is genuinely interested in how I feel and how my life is going. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others with similar problems.

Nicky Jackson - Birmingham

Christine started coaching me 2 months after being diagnosed. I was convinced that I was beyond being helped. But I was very wrong. The coaching taught me about routine and structure and helped me implement it into my life. Over the last 2 years Chris has been helping me tackle my ADHD. Working through all aspects of life such as socialising, education, shopping, cleaning, finances and even just walking! Chris has helped me to overcome many fears and the shame I had about ADHD. I don't feel like a freak anymore. I have completed a college course and I'm still in education. I have confidence and a future. The effect coaching has had on me and my families life is phenomenal. I no longer feel or am isolated. I actually have a life now, rather than just existing. Thanks Christine.

Patrick John

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