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When I was 18 years old I was wrongly admitted and diagnosed by the mental health services. For 10 years they treated me with every kind of medication they had, none of which worked. I was living a nightmare. I made in total 13 suicide attempts. I had totally written off any sort of future for myself... 2 years ago my family helped me to get a diagnosis of ADHD (Obviously this would have happened 20 years earlier if the mental health hadn't kept it such a secret!) I was prescribed Ritalin. A massive difference was noticed in me instantly, but I was still an unorganized mess and felt very isolated and depressed. My Consultant recommended coaching.

B.C - Manchester

My correspondence with Christine began back in January 2005. The main objective of my interactions with her was to improve the way in which I studied and prepared for University exams. I had always been a nightmare as far as organisation was concerned, this being the main antecedent of my poor academic performance since being at University. Christine not only helped (and is currently still helping), me improve my organisation, she changed my whole outlook on many aspects of life. I had been diagnosed with ADHD when I was younger, but had not gained a true understanding of the condition. Through her explanation I have come to gain a comprehension of my condition much greater than I had previously. This has helped me to understand characteristics and behavioural tendencies from my present and younger days, which I previously thought to be personality defects on my behalf. The fact that Christine has overcome such learning difficulties as ADHD and dyslexia using her own techniques, and gone on to create her own successful business helping others such as herself, is an inspiration to all with such difficulties. The fact that she has experience of these conditions herself means she is much easier to relate to on a person level than any psychologist, doctor or psychiatrist ever could be."

"I honestly believe that Christine has helped, and is continuing to help, me greatly, and through her techniques and personal touches, can do so for many others like myself. I only wish I had got in contact with her sooner!

Mr Josh Ker - Manchester

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