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' For years and years i knew i was different in some way, at school i had always trouble concentrating on anything i had no interest in. Teachers just presumed I was lazy or to unfocused.

I remember being as young as 10 years old and feeling that the little things and tasks that we do day to day would struggle with. I also had a lot of energy and Hyperactivity that needed to be focused, luckily i was a keen performer and acting, Singing and dancing was something positive for me to use to soak up all that energy.

My mum started to read up on Adhd and its symptoms when i was in my teens and it became apparent that that is the condition i had. As an adult now living with Adhd and having to deal with new problems, like organising work schedulable, Working with people and relationships i found that i was struggling and had no one who really understood or new how to help me.

While searching on the internet for help centres for adults with Adhd i came across Addsuccess coaching. Since making that initial first call to Christine my life has completely changed for the good, We managed to work in sessions over the phone as i work away from home and that has been a god send.

With christine its all about moving forward and dealing with problems and finding coping mechanisms to deal the 'grey areas' in life which Adders struggle with.

Before having coaching when i couldn't deal with a situation that was out of my control i would lash out on myself sometimes physically and that would be really hard for me and people close to me who care about me.

That is something now that i have under my control now and couldn't have with out Coaching. I have managed to deal with confrontations at work and learning to be assertive, also communication with my partners while away from each other something that was very hard for me to deal with.

My life seems a lot more brighter now as am more organised which means I am more stable and prepared should i encounter a difficulty with my Adhd, and although i have to constantly keeping working on my development i feel i have so many coping mechanisms to help me day to day and make mine and people close to me's life easier.

Adhd in Adults is something that needs more acknowledgement and support as it is very apparent in today's life and i truly believe Addsuccess life coaching is just the start to improving life for adults with adhd. It’s given me the wings i just have to keep on flying.


Before we met Chris our life was chaotic to say the least. We have one son, Jamie, who is autistic, and one son, Thomas, who has ADHD. Jamie is actually very placid and not much trouble at all. Tom, however, is a powerhouse of excess energy and impulsivity. Going anywhere was a nightmare as we never knew when Tom was going to kick off, much less how to deal with it. Staying home was no less stressful.

We had a child who was so hyper, if he wasn't bouncing on the furniture, he was runing round and round the living room, never getting dizzy or tired. He would fly right off the handle at the least little thing and really scream and shout and lash out with hands, feet or whatever.

When Tom went on medication, this made him much more manageable, but he was still hard work. Then we met Chris. Over the course of a few months we put different strategies for different problem areas into place. What a difference it made! We could now manage Tom's behaviour to a level which had never before been possible. As a result, the whole family dynamic changed so much for the better.

Once you have the tools to manage your child's ADHD effectively, and those tools are used correctly, the results are truly life-changing. Now, thanks to Chris's help and guidance, family life is much more peaceful.

We can go out without fear of having a major scene as we now know how to nip it in the bud. Tom is nearly 15 now and, as he is going through puberty, we still consult Chris from time to time, and indeed, she is always more than happy to help. Chris's help and advice has proved invaluable to us, and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.

We need many more like her to help not just parents, but also teachers and the ADHDers themselves when they grow up.

Cathy & Steve Devonport

I have been receiving support and guidance for a number of months from ADDSUCCESS.

During this time I have encountered many tools to enable myself and partner to manage our sons ADHD behaviour (see list below, this is a small area of the amount of work that has been achieved)

• marriage counselling
• session on clear language
• routines
• listening skills
• empathy
• communication skills
• reflection

Being able to receive the above has given us the strength, knowledge and understanding to manage and especially cope with difficult times. It has made us realise the importance of clear and consistent interventions/language.

The progress so far has been excellent. We have been able to listen and have quality time with our family and especially enjoy it as this has been impossible until now.

Chris offers a high level of support out of hours and this has been important to us as we are full time workers and when we arrived home that is when support was required. Knowing that Chris is there and on the other side of the phone also has given us strength to continue the behaviour management even when we thought things were difficult.
Chris has given us constant praise which has been priceless and reminded us during the course that we will come across barriers (she has never been judgemental).
I recommend highly to anyone who is struggling to make contact with Chris, even if it is just for a chat

Mum from Bolton

I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and support that you have given me and my family We have come a long way as a family and i can now see a way forward and feel that we are no longer in the dark. Thanks again chris!

A.P - Essex

I wanted to let people Know how much family coaching has helped me to overcome many of the difficulties that living with a child who has ADHD. Before i started family coaching sessions life was a nightmare and their was many times i thought I could not go on any longer. I then came across this website and i have not looked back since then. We no longer scream and shout at each other, we have started to use the routines and structures that Chris has helped set in place What a difference this has made, the house is much calmer and we are working together as a family We still have a long way to go but I know Chris will be there every step of the way Anyone that is thinking of away to change their life with an ADHD child or children then i can recommend ADDSuccess family coaching and most of all Chris. Thanks again!

M. Raynor - Glasgow

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